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Digital Cards

Digital Membership Card on iPhone

A card but digital.

Digital cards like membership, loyalty, coupons or event cards are virtual versions of traditional cards that are typically issued by organisations, clubs, businesses, or associations to their members.


Instead of physical cards made of plastic or paper, digital membership cards exist in digital formats and are often accessible through your phone's wallet, mobile apps, websites, or other digital platforms.


These digital cards serve the same purpose as physical membership cards, providing proof of membership and granting access to associated benefits, services, or privileges.

Why move to digital cards?

Transitioning to digital membership, loyalty or stamp cards can offer several advantages for businesses, enhancing the overall experience for both the business and its customers.


Key reasons businesses choose to move to digital are: 

• Convenience for Members and Customers
• Immediate Access
• Reduced Environmental Impact
• Enhanced Security Features
• Dynamic Information Updates
• Intergration with Mobile Wallets
• Analytics and Member Insights
• Flexibility and Scalability

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Types of Digital Cards

Digital Membership Card
Digital Stamp Card
Digital Loyalty Card

Membership Card

Stamp Card

Loyalty Card

+ E-Gift Cards, Digital Vouchers, NFC Passes, Event Tickets, Policy Passes and Boarding Passes

iPhone Video of Digital Card

Available on Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

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By embracing digital cards, businesses can align themselves with the digital era, enhance member satisfaction, and capitalise on the numerous benefits associated with modern, eco-friendly, and convenient membership solutions.

Integrate your digital cards into your CRM, POS, website and reach your customers in more ways. 

To learn more about how a digital card can help in your business, contact us for a FREE consultation.

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